Masked Communication: Making the Most Out of Communicating While Staying Safe with a Mask

All of us use our facial expressions to convey how we are feeling, whether we realize it or not.  A bright smile, a quivering lip, or a grin so wide your excitement becomes contagious, are all utilized in our everyday lives to show someone how we are feeling in that moment.    While wearing masks, […]

Supporting Your Stressed Teen (even if they are “FINE”)

Watching your child struggle with anxiety, depressive thoughts and/or overwhelming stress can be one of the most difficult challenges we can experience as parents. Many of us are left with a heavy feeling of helplessness and even hopelessness. Anxiety with our kids can be contagious. Watching our child or teen’s anxiety increase can cause us, […]

Where Do I Even Start: How Do I Find The Right Therapist For Myself?

Finding The Right Therapist for You So you’ve decided it’s time you talked to a professional therapist…However, taking on the task of sifting through the many different options and finding someone you can trust can be tremendously overwhelming. The number of therapists listed on the Psychology Today and similar websites here on Long Island is […]

COVID Times (Part 1)

What a strange time it is. The Coronavirus, COVID-19, the proper name given to the disease by science, is now considered a global pandemic. The stores are out of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and soap. Theaters have shuttered their doors and public events are cancelled. Governments around the world have even limited our ability to […]

The Benefits of Teletherapy

A lot of us know the comfort that comes from our regular therapy session. Counseling is an important part of many people’s routines and can lead to improved communication and interpersonal skills, greater self-acceptance and self-esteem, more ability to change self-defeating behaviors, better expression and management of emotions, relief from depression, anxiety or other mental […]

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