Theodora Slone, LICSW, LADC

Theodora Slone always strives to always meet clients where they currently are in life .Making sure that clients feel empowered to make changes in their lives is something that is a vital importance to her as a therapist. In order to achieve this, she works to create a safe space through a caring and positive working relationship. As a clinician she values having an environment that is warm and empathetic.Theodora’s specialties are trauma, substance use, and grief. She practices in a variety of different models to ensure that each client is getting their unique needs met. After earning her masters in social work from Stony Brook University, she has worked for nonprofit and for-profit agencies as well as different medical settings. Being a clinician with such diverse experience has made her understand the importance of a holistic model so that each client’s mental health, physical health, and social well being is being taken into account. Theodora has a true passion for helping individuals who are experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma, and low-self esteem. Family work is also something that she has passion for because she believes change is most effective when all members of the family are working together to ensure that they are understanding one another. Every person starts somewhere and by utilizing a person’s strength and resilience effective change will start to occur.


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